Who is to blame for our suffering, for all our pain and anguish?
Do we do it all to ourselves?
Does God let afflictions happen to us?
Is God angry with us?
Has His favour gone from us?
Or is it just the way life is sometimes?

Why do people get sick?
Why are some seemingly stricken all too early?
Then taken from us all too early.
Who's to blame, or is no one really to blame?
I guess that's just how life goes sometimes.

People always seem to have to blame someone or something for all their troubles in life.
Why does anyone have to be to blame for anything and/or everything?
Life goes where it wills.
Life does what it wills.

If God is in control.
Then why is life allowed to run unreigned?

It is so easy to lay all the blame on God.
It is easy to lay all the blame on the way life is sometimes.
All this brings bitterness, anger and eventually passionate hate.

I do not believe any of this is healthy for us.
It's not going to make us feel any better.
It just seems to me that we who suffer and are afflicted should better spend our time putting all our efforts to useful and productive things.

Our sufferings and afflictions flourish in a negative environment.
But wither and die in a positive one.

I know it is essential for my mental illnesses to be in a positive environment.
It just makes me feel sicker when surrounded by too much negativity.

I try to keep my head up.
But the negativity always ends up pulling me down.
So I avoid negativity at all costs.
Even if it means estranging myself from loved ones.
Whether right or wrong, I need to make sure I am at least not influenced negatively.

But, to tell you the truth, it isn't really working.
In fact it makes me feel worse.
It all is so confusing and frustrating.
I always end up getting angry with myself.
Bringing more negativity down on myself.
I guess I am shooting myself in my own foot.

You see, with the avoidance of what I perceive to be negative is actually blaming others for my current situation.
I am blaming others for how I am feeling.
The negativity is actually coming from myself.

So, I go back to my original question:
Who's to blame?

No one.

It's not life's fault.
It's not society's fault.
It's not the way the world is.
It's not God's fault.
It's not even our own fault.

It's all up to you, it's all up to me,
To create a positive environment for ourselves.
We are the only ones who create a negative environment.

It's so easy to be anti,
The challenge is not to be.
We can look after ourselves other than using avoidance.

There are exceptions for everything, of course.
When one is in a violent environment,
when one is in an abusive environment,
and when one is in a deviant behaviour environment.

The choice is still ours, whether to remain in those environments or not.
I know though, it's seemingly almost impossible.
When one sees no way out,
when one feels alone and helpless.

I can understand that.

That also brings up my question again;
who's to blame?
As for me, it is easy to point the finger at the one who perpetrated these evil acts.
But, am I being judgmental?
Am I creating a negative environment around myself again?

When judging and hating others there in itself creates a negative environment.
Then one will feel the overwhelming feeling to flee.

After all is said, I honestly cannot say who is to blame.
It doesn't really matter.
We all do need to look out for ourselves,
but do we need to do it at the expense of our own selves?

I cannot say.
It's all up to the individual to decide what is best for them self.
As long as there is no laying of blame on anything or on anyone.
But, then again we all need to do whatever we need to do to look after ourselves.

But, keep this in mind,
are you trading one negative environment for another?
Is the laying of blame creating a negative environment for our own selves?

To be positive one must be positive.
We have that power of choice always.
No one can tell us otherwise.

However you need to do to be positive, be positive.
And that means no laying of blame.

Dear brothers and sisters, just be positive and your environment will always be positive, it's all up to you and me.


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  1. One must look out for one's own self. One needs to do what they deem necessary to create and keep a positive environment.
    I wonder though, when avoiding one negative environment does it create another negative environment from within itself?
    Is one blaming others for the negative environment and is it perception that is actually creating that negative environment?
    The individual has to choose, which situation is actually going to prove to be healthy for him or herself.
    Just choose wisely.


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